As children, it was easier for us to embrace life fully and we often did things that we’d never think of doing now as adults. We challenge you to think back to how fearless you were when you were young, and do something that scares you; maybe a little maybe a lot. Life makes a lot of people complacent. It’s too easy to just stay in your comfort zone. That zone is different for everyone. Your job may involve a lot of presentations so you may be comfortable with speaking to large groups. Others may be quite happy tearing down a zip line, but terrified at the very thought of public speaking.  We don’t know what scares you individually, but here are a few ideas that just might get the adrenaline pumping.

Learn to dance

If you’ve ever watched Dancing with the Stars and felt the urge to learn some moves, closely followed by a sense of terror at the thought, then now is the time to just take that step. Dancing shouldn’t be about trying to impress other people; it should be about making you happy and energized. Venues like Harbour Dance provide a full schedule of classes from beginner to more advanced. It doesn’t matter what your style preference is, they cover everything from ballet to jazz and hip hop. Not only will dancing stretch your comfort zone, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and improve your fitness levels.

Go to the extreme

If your work life is office based and your social life is all about dining out, then extreme sports are a great way of freaking yourself out just enough to get some real excitement out of your life.  At  Horne Lake Caves you get the chance to get that adrenaline rush from some underground adventuring. It’s all about excitement, but in a safe environment. If you prefer the idea of experiencing life above ground then book yourself on a skydiving course and get a whole new view of your surroundings.

Change your career path

Probably the scariest thing you can do in life is to completely change the path you’re walking. As an adult there are so many things standing in your way. They all fall under two main headings, security and responsibility. You’ve got a good life, with a nice home and a high salaried job, why would you want to change? The thing is that many people want to get the chance to do something in life that they really love, or feel passionate about. They stop themselves because they’re scared about losing that security and neglecting that responsibility. They have lost the fearlessness of childhood. Don’t let this be you. Obviously, changing career or starting your own business takes planning, but it’s not impossible. What better day to start making the change than today?

You want to create great experiences in your life, and an excellent way to do that is to add a little fear. It tests you and it helps you grow; it’s also what makes some of the best memories. Comment below, or visit our  Facebook page and tell us what fears you’re going to face, as you bring out your inner child.