Ask any woman who’s happy and well-adjusted what the secret to her success is and the chances are, she’s got a tribe of soul sisters that have her back.

Now, that ‘tribe’ could mean just one good friend, the quantity of friends is irrelevant – what’s really important is that women make time to be with the people that are in their corner, simply because it just makes their life better.

But in our oh-so-busy lives, women have this irksome habit of letting their valuable friendships slide. And that just won’t do. Because hanging out with your female friends not only makes you feel like life is more fun, it’s also good for you.

Let our OOTBE experts give you the low-down on why spending time with the girls is crucial to you living your best life.

  1. Hanging out with female friends is good for your health.

There’s a reason why after a night out with your girl pals you instantly feel better.

Numerous studies show that when women make the time to be with friends that build them up, it has amazing benefits for their health. Being with friends lowers our blood pressure, boosts our immune system, lower stress levels and a major study published in the Lancet journal even found that women with breast cancer, who were part of a support group, reported a better quality of life and lived longer than their peers who weren’t buoyed by such a support group.

  1. Being with female friends helps you gain fresh perspectives on life.

The chances are you and your friends aren’t cookie-cutter Stepford Wives. You probably have different likes and interests – and that’s a great thing. By having friendships with women who think a little differently than you, will help you gain a much broader world view. This can help you gain a fresh perspective when facing problems, as your friends may have solutions you may not have considered.

Forging friendships from all walks of life also opens you up to new experiences and things you might not necessarily think of trying for yourself – and as you know, here at OOBTE, that’s what we believe the secret to happiness is all about!

  1. Our brains are hard-wired for friendship.

Women are talkers. We’re emotional beings, who when faced with a problem often need to talk it out, with our spouse or a close confidante. Men, not so much. But there’s a good reason why men and women process stress in life differently – it’s all down to how we’re made. Research shows that when it comes to stress, men and women handle it a little differently. For men, their ‘fight or flight’ instinct kicks in, but for us girls, we have something that scientist refer to as a ‘tending instinct’. What that means is, that when stress comes a-knocking, instead of a fight or flight instinct, we are naturally predisposed to ‘tend’ to children or gather with other women instead. What this does is release oxytocin – that marvellous little brain chemical that lowers stress and has a calming effect.

So, take the hint from science – girl time is good for your feel-good emotions.

  1. Spending time with our friends brings out the best in us.

Think back to the last time you spent time with friends that truly ‘get’ you – it may have been yesterday over coffee, or light years ago back in middle school. However, what’s important is how you felt. When women take the time to be with their friends it brings out the best in them, because by being with people they are comfortable with, they are usually much more relaxed and act like themselves. Their best self. The one that has a carefree attitude, who loves to laugh and enjoy life. And because your friends show you love and kindness and encourage you to cut yourself some slack, it helps you to practice more self-love. Double win.

  1. Quality time with your gal-pals enhances every other area of your life.

When you make the time to spend time with friends who build you up and see the world in a positive light, it has an amazing effect. Not only do you feel good for the time you spend with them, but that feel-good glow has a way of lingering, which translates into how you feel about every other aspect of your life. And when you feel happy about your life it means you’re more productive at work and you’re calmer at home with your spouse and with your kids, all because you took the time to do something for yourself.

These are just a few of the many reasons why spending time with your lady tribe is crucial to your well-being. After all girls just want to have fun – and here at Out of the Box Experiences we have plenty of packages that are perfect for a girls’ night out. And even though our first ‘we-time’ subscription is called Date Night, it works just as well for monthly nights (or days) out with the girls. Why not take a look and sign you and the fabulous females in your life up today?!