Ever scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, browsing mindlessly, until you land on another mom’s photo and suddenly, there it is: a kick ass snapshot of her grinning wildly, happy and healthy, as though she’s the model for a magazine cover shoot that’s all about living life to the full.

And then, instead of feeling delighted for her, you feel bad for yourself: your good mood is gone and now you’re in a funk because you feel as though you’re living a sub-par, mundane life.

If this sounds like you, don’t feel guilty about feeling this way, because you’re not alone. In fact, a 2016 survey by Stats Canada reported that one of the main reasons why people feel unhappy in life is because they felt as though they don’t have enough time to pursue activities that they enjoy.

But the good news is, if like many moms you feel down about a life that seems to be an endless groundhog day of being a family taxi service and chief snack maker, then there’s a very simple way for you to fix it. All it takes is you setting aside a little time in your busy schedule to make ‘Me-time’ a priority.

Below we’ve listed a few ways why making time for yourself is not only important, it’s a necessity.

1.When you make time for yourself it nourishes your soul.

In our busy world, it’s easy to get caught up in the routine of the everyday.

But when we take a moment to pause and ask ourselves what we’d like to do, and then actually go ahead and do it, magical things happen. We feel happier, well balanced and able to handle anything that life throws at us, all because we took a little time for ourselves.

  1. It let’s your family know that you are important too.

As mothers, we get caught up in a vicious cycle of caring for everyone else’s needs without ever giving a second thought to our own well-being.

Newsflash: you are a person too. A person with needs and desires just the same as everyone else in your family. Do you make your kids feel guilty about pursuing soccer or hockey, or whatever it is that floats their boat? Do they feel as though they have to ask permission? We’re guessing no. Equally, you deserve the same time to enjoy life because you are just as important as everyone else in your family. And taking a break from your mommy duties will not only make you feel happier, it also gives your kids notice that other people count.

Not only that, seeing their mom happy and engaged in activities that she enjoys is inspiring for kids and the chances are, when you take time for yourself, you are waaay more fun to be around. You are not a doormat, so please don’t treat yourself like one.

  1. Because everyone, even Moms need to try new experiences to stay well rounded.

From the moment we pee on that pregnancy test stick and see the glowing little lines that let us know that we are indeed, ‘with child’ our lives change.

We immediately start putting the needs of another first.

In fact, quite often, mothers spend a great deal of time investing all their energy into the upkeep and nurturing of their children, until there is no time left for themselves. We spend countless hours getting our kids to activities, making sure they are exposed to new experiences and opportunities, so that they can live well-balanced lives. But sacrificing your chances to try out new things because you “just don’t have the time” is a dangerous game to play. Because if all you ever do is “just be a Mom” not only means you will eventually burnout, you will become resentful. And no one likes a martyr mommy. Not your kids, not your spouse and definitely not you. But by taking the time to engage in new activities that you would enjoy (and we repeat ones you would enjoy) then the world starts to look a little different. Not just for you, but for everyone in your family. Because new experiences are not only enjoyable, they make us feel like life is wonderful and worth living. And every one deserves that, especially moms.

  1. Taking time for yourself makes you a better person and mother.

When you take a break from the endless day-to-day in order to pamper yourself or try something new, it recharges your batteries. It gives you the breathing room necessary to refuel your patience and zest for life, both essential tools in every mothers tool-kit. Taking a break from your kids also gives them and you a chance to miss each other. That means you’ll appreciate the relationship you have together even more. And everyone needs a bit of alone time (and no, we don’t just mean getting to go to the bathroom by yourself).

When you take time for yourself you become that happy, well-adjusted mum you always dreamed you’d be. You’ll look just like your friend in the smug Facebook posts – heck, you won’t even care what other people are bragging about on social media, because you’ll be far to busy living your best, authentic life.

Here at OOBTE we know that everyone needs time to escape and be themselves. That’s why we have plenty of packages that will not only make you feel happy, you’ll feel like you again. Take a look around and sign up for one of our me-time packages today. Because not only do you deserve it, you’ve earned it.