What a time to be alive – especially for women. These days, when comes our careers and life goals we have more freedom of choice than ever, but when you look at the statistics, all of this ‘having it all’ comes at a price.

More women than ever report feeling overwhelmed by the busyness of their lives. They feel as though they just don’t have the time to pursue activities that bring them joy. Women also feel guilty about putting themselves first. But they shouldn’t. Because making time for yourself is vital to living a happy life.

Below is a list of ten reasons why ‘Me-time’ is not only good for you, it’s absolutely essential.
1. Making time for yourself helps you deal with stress.
When we take the time to participate in pursuits that we enjoy, it helps lower our stress levels and makes us far more capable of dealing with the challenges of daily life.

2. ‘Me-time’ helps us to have better relationships in our lives.
Women are excellent at people pleasing. Actually, if we’re honest, we are people-pleasing ninjas: most of the time, other people don’t even realize that we’ve sacrificed our own needs in order to make them happy.
But – and there’s always a ‘but’ – smothering our own desires can lead to feelings of resentment. But doing an activity you enjoy can easily remedy that. Charging your own batteries makes you far more patient and loving in all your life relationships.

3. People who put themselves last are no fun to be around.
If all you do is work and put your own needs last, the chances are, not only are you not much fun to be around, you’ve probably forgotten how to even enjoy yourself when you do get the opportunity. So perhaps it’s time to remember to make yourself a priority for a change.

4. ‘Me-time’ offers a chance for self-discovery.
When we take the time for ourselves, it sends our brains a crucial a signal that we are important, that we matter. It can also take us on journeys of self-discovery. And it doesn’t have to be an epic “Eat, Pray, Love” style adventure. In fact, all you need is a little time to yourself in order to foster self-growth and hopefully make some new connections.

5. Taking time for yourself is a chance to unplug.
Being a modern woman is not for wimps. Our lives are busy. Extremely busy. Since technology took over our daily lives, it means that we are constantly in demand with literally no downtime, or room to escape. But by unplugging, not only from technology, but from other worldly commitments, you will feel much calmer and able to cope with everyday events.

6. Alone time improves concentration and productivity.
By clearing our minds with pleasurable activities, it really does give our brains a mental health break. This enables us to concentrate and focus on whatever curveballs life sends our way.

7. Spending time by yourself gives your life more balance.
In our busy lives, if we sideline our own needs, it can make us feel as though life is out of whack. But spending time engaged in an activity that nourishes our soul helps us redress that imbalance, which helps us to refocus on the truly important things in life.

8. Time spent alone helps give your life focus.
When we take the time to disengage from life’s daily distractions it gives us a chance to reevaluate our priorities and goals. It can also help us to see the elements of our lives that have been dragging us down, that are toxic or that serve no purpose.

9. Time spent by yourself makes you feel empowered and independent.
Women are social creatures. We love doing things with other people: whether it’s time spent with our partners, families – heck, we even take trips to the washroom in pairs! But taking the time to indulge your passions gives you the freedom to assert that independent spirit that’s been hiding all along.

10. Because you deserve it.
Looking after yourself and your own wellbeing shouldn’t be an afterthought.
It should be a priority. We only get one shot at this life and spending time making yourself happy should always be at the top of your to-do list.

So there you have it. Ten reasons why spending time looking after yourself is critical to you living your best life. Here at OOBTE we strongly believe that when we take the time to engage with our passions, the true magic of life happens. Take a look around at some of the amazing ‘Me-time’ packages that we have. There’s plenty to choose from to help you remember that life is a truly wonderful thing indeed.