We all know that experiences are more valuable than stuff, but do we actually know why? Read on to discover ten reasons why enjoying experiences beats stuff, hands-down, every time.

  1. Happiness lasts longer when we engage in experiences.

All of us have indulged in retail therapy at sometime or another – heck, a spending spree is good for everyone every now and again. But while a dose of retail therapy might provide you with a zing of exhilaration for an afternoon, that high doesn’t last for very long.

In fact, research from the San Francisco State University found that people who spent money on experiences, as opposed to material possessions, were much happier in the long run and felt as though their money was better spent.

  1. Your experiences define you. Your possessions don’t.

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard the expression “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” There’s a reason why that quote resonates with so many of us; because despite what commercials and society might say about happiness being tied to the latest gadgets, vehicles, houses, or whatever it is we’re supposed to covet to keep up with the Jones, the reality is, possessions will never define who we are. If anything, keeping up with the Jones is downright stressful and ultimately, it’s a never-ending battle because there is always going to be someone who has ‘more’ than you. But experiences and memories will shape your life in a way stuff never can.

  1. Experiences give you an anticipation that stuff can’t.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re looking forward to an event that you’re excited not only before, but during and long after the event has taken place? That’s because experiences provides us with a much longer-lasting happiness than spending money on material possessions. And let’s be honest: having something to look forward to has a way of making everything seem better, doesn’t it?

  1. Shared experiences help us connect with people.

Time spent with other people is what life is all about. Humans are social creatures by nature and sharing an experience is what makes us feel whole and gives our life meaning. There ain’t no possessions in the world that can compete with that. Not one.

  1. New experiences teach us new things.

Studies show that when we engage in a new experience, even if we don’t always enjoy them, it helps us learn more about ourselves. Not only that, new experiences can help us break out of our usual routine and help us get out of a rut.

  1. Engaging in new experiences make us feel grateful for what we have.

When we try new things, we are engaged with life on many different levels and that is a powerful thing. Actually, trying something new not only makes us feel grateful but it also leaves us with a more positive outlook on life overall.

  1. Trying new things helps us be more productive in other areas of our life.

No doubt about it, when we grab life by the jugular and try something new, it makes us feel inspired. It doesn’t even have to be a big change; it could be as simple as trying a different dish at our favourite restaurant, or watching a movie that we wouldn’t normally consider watching. Every time we push the boundaries of what ‘normal’ feels like for us, it allows us to realize just how great our potential is. And when we feel like we are living up to our full potential, we become more productive in every aspect of our life.

  1. New experiences provide help us grow.

When we try new experiences, particularly ones that are out of our comfort zone, even if we’re a bit scared or overwhelmed, we feel not only empowered, but more confident, something that we are then able to carry forward in other areas of our life too.

  1. New experiences make us more interesting.

People are creatures of habit – this is not new news. But when we take the time to push the envelope of our everyday and engage in new pursuits, we open our lives to new opportunities, people and ideas that give our world view a much broader outlook.

  1. Trying new things helps us live in the moment.

In our hectic lives, one of the biggest problems people have is being able to live in the moment. But taking the time to try something new is almost like a pause button, because it allows us to take a breath and enjoy that moment.

And happiness and living in the now is what life is all about.

When you break it down, it’s pretty easy to see why we need to spend more time accumulating experiences rather that stuff. Not only do we become happier and better adjusted, we feel as though we are truly engaged with life and living to the full. And the best thing about experiences is, they’ll never collect dust on a shelf and unlike knick-knacks, you can never have too many experiences.

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