Inspiring People to Live Happier Lives

Your life is mostly just work and home, taking care of everybody else’s needs.

You’ve forgotten to put YOU on your to-do list. You want more happiness, less stress and a fuller life. Heck, you just want more fun and adventure in your life! If only you had more time to think of new things to do. Where do you even start?

No worries. We can help.

We’re your go-to girls to help you figure it all out.

We’re Tonya & Leah

Two badass life coaches who partnered together to create Out of the Box Experiences.

Why? Because we are passionate about inspiring people to live happier lives. We know the best way to live a life you love is to feel as good as you can in every moment. Best way to feel good? Go for the experience. Do something different. Embrace your moments.

A Bit More About Each of Us and Why We Do What We Do


I’m Tonya Blakley, Chief Experience Officer, and it’s my passion to help women like you to step into their power and create amazing frick’n lives. Ones they love.

With more than 20 years of building teams in the world of corporate communications, I quickly learned we can all get better results in all areas of our lives when we are sure to schedule in fun.

The teams I led would call me the Director of Summer. Need I say more?

Now as a Master Life Coach I have seen over and over again that no matter what we are focused on, feeling good is the number one thing we can do to create a life we love.


I’m Leah Spehar, Co-Chief Experience Officer, and I believe everyone deserves to be happy, peaceful and successful creating the life of their dreams. Overcoming depression in my early twenties showed me how to be responsible for my own happiness and to take control for the life I deeply desired to live.

I studied human behaviour and became very curious as to why and how some people have the things they really want and others struggle and stay stuck. And I have found that no matter how much we desire more stuff we ultimately are looking for better relationship experiences and the feelings that spending time with others can bring.

Really what is all the stuff if we are alone and have no one to share it with? And creating awesome memories with those we love are more impactful and valuable than all the things in the world combined.

We work with our clients in three distinct ways

Just need to get out of the house with hubby or to hang with the girls and NOW? Check out our one-time experience boxes.

Want us to come with all the ideas and put together awesome experiences (based on your interests of course), and all you have to do is schedule in the fun on a regular basis? Check out our Elite Membership service to receive monthly experiences. Get ready to discover amazing local events, venues and activities. Plus, you’ll be a part of our amazing community of pleasure seekers through our membership site. We have so much in store for you there!

Want to take it to the next step? Feeling like you need some 1:1 support to take your kick-ass life even further? Go big or go home. Schedule in a free 20-minutes discovery call with Leah or Tonya (you get to choose) to see what we can do.
If you’re ready to infuse your life with some more fun and see the magic happen, click right here.

“I bought an experience box as a wedding gift! It was my intent to gift something that the wedding couple may not purchase for themselves and would remember for many years to come. I absolutely loved the presentation and how well it was put together! Thank you, I will definitely purchase more ‘experience’ gifts in the future!”


Still Wanna Know More?

Good, cause we’re willing to share!

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